Next Airline To Receive 787?


Who is going to be the next airline to receive the Boeing 787? My guess is United Airlines, but I do know Ethiopian Airlines will be the 1st African airliner to receive it in March.


The only other airlines with aircraft designated for them that have had their first flight are JAL and Ethiopian - so one of them will be the second operator. United’s first 787’s are in production though, as air aircraft destined for Air India, LAN, Royal Air Maroc, and China Southern.


Ya, I found some pics! So that’s how we know those airliners might receive the dreamliner next. … 968920.jpg [Ethiopian] … 980349.jpg [JAL, Air India, China Southern] … 989129.jpg [Royal Air Maroc]

It doesnt look like they have one for LAN…


Saw a Air India version land at KSKF Boeing facility for final work on Aug 4, 2011, a JAL version came earlier. … tes/page/1


So it might be Air India that might get it next…?


Finding a definitive list of 787 proposed delivery dates is difficult.

JAL will be getting the 787 in February. It will start BOS/NRT service with the 787 on 22 Apr 12.

Other deliveries expected in 2012 are China Southern (July) and LOT (no month given).


Dont forget Ethiopian Airlines. Their due to receive it mid March, or later…


Not sure who gets the next one, but JAL will be the first delivered with the GEnx engines.

#9 … ew-livery/ !
JAL’s new 787 painted in their new livery!!!


I agree with the author and most of comments, too plain, bland, white, etc.
They should put a big Pikachu on it! :smiley:


Wish I could help

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The color scheme is crying for a cheatline. The billboard color scheme sans cheatline sucks.
Example:JAL DC-8-62


I agree with the author and most of comments, too plain, bland, white, etc.

We dont know that for sure though. But they might have some design…