Do you know how long United Airlines and Air Canada will receive their Boeing 787??



Both United and Air Canada will receive their 787’s over a period of years.

Going by what you probably meant - “Do you know how long *before *United…”, United is suppose to start taking delivery of the 787 in the 3rd quarter of this year. Boeing hasn’t even painted a 787 in United colors yet. (Before anybody starts yelling at me, the picture with Obama in front of and in a 787 is not even a completed aircraft. Like Obama’s promises, the aircraft is empty on the inside and if you look at him entering the aircraft you’ll see a definite line between fuselage sections indicating that aircraft is not even close to being complete.

According to my research, Air Canada has delayed the delivery of its first 787 to 2014.


Dont forget Ethiopian Airlines and Japan Airlines. Everyone knows JAL might be the next in line to receive the 787. I heard that they will receive it sometime in the middle of March.

I also heard Ethiopian Airlines is also due to receive their 787 during the middle of March this year, but I dont think that will happen. I want to know when they’ll receive. My guess is sometime later this year.




Speaking of the 787 and Air Canada, the Boeing 787 will be visiting YYZ on March 1-4 on its world tour!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get to the airport and spot it landing that day.