new Dreamliner


I work for a major airline and i was wondering why no new airlines are trying to get the new Dreamliner. The company i work for is the biggest airline in the world. Any reasons why


Are you talking about newly formed airlines? If so, I think the 787 would be too big for them. Many of the new airlines are low cost carriers and the 787 would not fit into the business plan (I’m not talking about the niche airlines like EOS that have all-business class flights).

If you are talking about additional airlines getting the 787, then it may just be a matter of either a non-announced order or they just don’t want to wait that long for the aircraft.

There are over 800 787’s on order already. That’s got to be a record or near-record for a new aircraft.


What airline do you work for? I’m sure we’ve heard of it.


I think part of it is to wait until it actually hits the market so they can work the problems out of it.

They DO have 863 firm orders for the thing, a not insignificant number, but you are right, there are no orders from United, Delta, or American as of yet.


American Airlines! Seriously though they have not put any orders in and i want to know why!


Given the financial challenges the US major carriers have, and the fact that they’ve been reducing capacity to increase load factors and reduce costs, it’s probabaly not a good time to be placing multi-billion dollar aircraft orders.

By the way Brixter, what do you do for AA?


Also, if they do get them, it would be to replace their 767’s, however, their 767’s, especially their -300’s aren’t close enough to the end of their planned life cycle. They’ll consider them when they need replacing, but not before then.


I am a mechanic