New Usairways routes


Manchester (NH) [begins February 11]
Nassau [seasonal; begins February 16]
Punta Cana [seasonal; begins February 16]

Austin [begins May 4] (2 daily cr9s)
Fort Walton Beach [begins April 6] (3 daily crjs)
Gulfport/Biloxi [begins May 4] (3 daily crjs)
Key West [begins March 1] (saturday only e175)
Panama City [begins April 6] (3 daily crjs)
San Antonio [begins May 4](2 daily cr9s)

Beijing [begins March 25, 2009]
London-Heathrow [begins March 29] ( 1 daily a333)
Vancouver [begins June 3] [seasonal](1 daily a319)

it is off wikipedia but u can find all flights except the bejing flight on the usairways website. If only they could have added a Yvr flight from charlotte too


Your list shows a CLT/YVR flight so it looks like they did add it. Are you talking about a year-round flight?


That Charlotte hub is really growing. How many daily flights is that out of Charlotte?


Panama City, Panama or Panama City, FL?


no its out of Phl look


Panama City, Fl


around 600 daily flights total not sure 543 usairways atm i think. 162 for Usairways when all these routes are done ( including dab not sure if thats in the total. THey just opened a 6 gate addition to concourse E on Feb.6 including 3 new restuarants :slight_smile: .


You’re right - I read too fast and didn’t see the break between PHL and CLT


actually their was no break early i noticed it and put one in after i saw ur comment lol


So breaks are good! Thanks - I was wondering how I could have missed such an obvious break! :open_mouth:


MPTO would be a loooong flight in an RJ. :wink:

Had to get ya, you seem to be an insider who doesn’t miss much.



I don’t see where it says those are all RJ flights.

You could probably fly CLT-MPTO on an E-Jet


iv checked on the usairways website and looked. 8)


iv checked on the usairways website and looked. 8)


Yes, but you didn’t post HERE that they were all RJ flights.

PFN is a good market that a lot of airlines ignore, but what they need is a flight to a northern or western hub, not more flights to southern hubs.


like gso in a way