New Track Log Graph - Feedback Requested

We’re experimenting with a new graphical display of the track log. If you’re not familiar with the track log, it is a separate page of positions, their reporting station, and changes in altitude, heading, and speed, among other things. It can be found by clicking En Route to the right of a flight’s map for flights in progress or by clicking (track log) in the same place for completed flights.

A new graph appears above this table and provides a more visual representation of the data. The scale on the left corresponds to the orange line and shows altitude over time. The right scale corresponds to the blue line, showing speed in knots. You can trace your cursor along the graph and the legend in the top right will update with the nearest point’s altitude and speed. Hovering over the lines themselves will reveal their reporting facility. A thin horizontal orange line indicates the flight’s filed altitude.

Before we deploy this graph more widely, we’re interested in what the power users think of it, and how it might be improved. For example, would you like to be able to switch the speed display from knots to Mach? Would it be helpful if hovering over the table below highlighted points on the graph? Additional data you’d like to see when hovering over points? Dots for each data point instead of a continuous line? How would you like to see this graph interact with a flight’s map if they were on the same page?

[size=18]I think your visual display is awesome. It was my IFR XC in very windy conditions and I was able to see how well I held alt. The outbd flight data was lost, as was my previous actual flight to HVN. Is there any way you can retrieve that data and how can I get a good print of it all. [/size]

Why is this pink

It’s an improvement. I like the graphical presentation. Thumbs up.

Allan Dubow

It’s an improvement. I like the graphical presentation. Thumbs up.

Allan Dubow

I like the graphical representation, BUT PLEASE GET RID OF MACH! It is completely useless and meaningless in its relation to ground speed.

Also, what is the point of listing the “C” (climb) and “D” (descent) under “Reporting Facility” in the Track Log rather than listing the actual facility?

That is a bug. :wink:

Overall, I like it. A few suggestions:

-Move the legend to outside of the graph area or make it so that the legend doesn’t cover the graph lines.
-I’d like to see the speed and altitude as a pop-up next to the cursor. The pop-up could also contain the direction.
-I don’t see a need for the Mach to be shown. The ground speed is more meaningful.

I checked flights between the mainland and Hawaii and JFK and EGLL. The graph didn’t show up. It did show up for a KSFO-RJAA flight.

Very nice feature!! Agree with moving the legend if possible.


Excellent Graphic. Gives you an easy to read snapshot of aircraft performance in a single view…Please keep this graphic :smiley:

I think the graphic display is very useful.

As for improvements, it looks like there is a slight shadow associated with each line. I would remove it as it doesn’t really add anything. I would also remove the black border around the plot area. A light gray like the gridlines would be good.

This is a great improvement…Well Done!!!

Ahh… Thanks David.

Cool, I like it.

Definitely an enhancement to the site, and it was very useful already, especially when one considers the price…B

Yes, this is VERY useful - just used it to track a company airplane through RVSM. Thank you!

Really great!! Very informative and easy to visualize! Keep up the good work you IT guys!!

Love the graph.

One suggestion would be to allow selection of a portion of a flight and clicking on that selection would zoom in to that section for the more intimate details in that portion.

I would use this on the descents and climbs for myself.

Second suggestion sans direction happens already in the legend.

Take your cursor, put it on the graph and vertical line appears. Note the legend changes as you slide the cursor to the right and left. Note the speed as in level cruise flight, altitude won’t change unless you are in the climb or decent profile.

I know that. I want to be able to see the speed and altitude at the cursor rather than at the legend. This way I get all the information in one view: the altitude, the speed, and the time without having to look in two different places (i.e. the bottom of the graph for the time and the upper right for the altitude and speed).

Looking at the graph again, here’s what I’d like for ease of use: a box showing all of the data, similar to the format that is shown in the flight info box on maps.

1st line: Time
2nd line: Speed and Altitude
3rd line: Direction (either degrees (preferred) or cardinal)
4th line: Facility