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New Southwest Color Scheme


Makes 'em look like EasyJet… and any other UltraLCC… which is, I guess, what they want to be seen as from now on…

Just what the airline world needs - another “billboard” color scheme!

The new SouthwestAir livery does look a lot like SW_Trains in the UK.

The SW Train Photos on Google images.
google.com/search?q=south+w … s&tbm=isch

Too funny. I was just in Poole, Dorset last week and am there quarterly. SW Trains go right by my hotel. Thought it looked familiar!!

According to flightradar24.com, N8642 is currently flying all sections of SWA2688.

Saw this on Twitter last night… if Jeff Smisek was running things at the time of the Southwest/AirTran merger, you would have had this…


N8645A, AKA Heart Two, is currently flying SWA2515, according to FlightRadar24.com

N8642E, AKA Heart One, is flying SWA 2955 BOS-MDW-MCI

For Sept 10th

N8642E SWA819 and 997

N8645A SWA1358 and 668

Oh no. What’s next? Airbuses?

:blush: Better than the gawdawful original livery…but not quite as distinctive as its immediate predecessor…

When Southwest repaints the tails of their special liveries, how do you think they will use Southwest or
do you think they will leave it off given the areas were Southwest and Southwest.com are used in the heart
livery are both part of the state flags in the specials? Or do you think Southwest will gradually repaint all of them to
heart livery?

My guess is that they will paint the tails just like the new livery, as when they went to that canyon blue livery, they painted the rest of the fuselage of New Mexico One in the colours of the state flag, left the tail from the canyon blue livery, and kept the winglets blank. My guess is that they will do the same with this new livery.


Based on rwb’s picture they can still slap the southwest.com on the engines, but for flags like Maryland and Florida not so sure. Right? Is the Southwest on the bottom of tail confirmed or your best guess.

Is the Southwest on the bottom of tail confirmed or your best guess.

I could swear the pic was originally on SWAs site when they announced the change.