New run for our B777

I had recieved an e-mail this week letting me know our B777’s are going to begin non-stop MEM-SHA. I also noticed scrolling departures from MEM yesterday, there is also 1 that goes to NRT that used to be done with an MD-11. Pretty cool!!

You mean like this one? … /ZSPD/KMEM

On another note, time is getting short for the B722. We just can’t get the B752s fast enough. More capacity with less fuel. Only downside is for the guy sitting sideways. :frowning:

…and the fuel vendors.

And us spotters who think the 727 is one of the sexiest jets around.

I have to agree with you there. I will miss those planes…

Some kind of code? This is a T7

Frank Holbert

We use the “T7s” on our very dangerous routes as fighter escort in case they run into any bandits… :wink:

That wouldn’t ever scare the pre-teen kids away.

We tried to order some F22s, but the DOD nixed it. Besides, those babies are expensive. For some reason Memphis seems to want to spend money on things that generate revenue.

Thank you sir for the link. I was going cross eye trying to comb through all the flights at MEM the other day to find that. Yes, B727 going bye bye. I did enjoy working with the B757 while I was still at IAD. Did my training down at DCA…that was fun!! Good day all

I find it easier to just look at what is currently in the air for the fleet. Depending on the time day, I usually find what I am looking for.

Ty again…You are right… use that all the time…should have done it that time…oh well :wink:

I still want to see one in person…have seen and worked on plenty pax versions, need to work one of ours…some day 8)

Laziness is what it is. Actually, I find it easier to type 777 than T7. T7 sounds like an abbreviation for Terminal 7.

Please - it’s a 777. Boeing makes great planes. The least we can do is use the correct number.

Off my high horse now.

Thank you! I really didn’t know what they were talking about.

Sorry Frank. I thought you were being facetious.

Hey, we were all invited to Memphis for the arrival of the first 777F, and KTPA is much closer than KBIL.

I wanna go! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Sorry Will, that event was a few months ago! :frowning:

OK… Well… I wanted to go! :cry: :cry: :cry:

True, True…I got to see the pics in my WEBMAIL box :wink: Have a good one sir 8)