New RTL_Power Heamap/waterfall diagram tool

Hi All,

after using and debugging certain bugs i’ve decided i would spend my time making a new one based on a more component based design.

Features are marked with phases. Ex (1) is now, (2) is the future, etc.


  • input will be more tolerant of errors (1)
  • rtl_power CSV (1)
  • rtl_power CSV Gzip stream (1)
  • rtl_power CSV Bzip stream (2)
  • SqlLite table (3)
  • mysql feed (3)
  • Ability to feed a CSV file in to mark-up ranges etc.


  • optional ruler at the top (1)
  • graph has an optional sidecar xml file describing the output instead of overlaying on the graph itself (2)
  • jpeg (1)
  • png (2)
  • psd (3)
  • dark black to yellow to red colors for intensity (1)

Waterfall Website(4)

  • Upload your gzipped csv file and a big honking server will generate a waterfall diagram.
  • website will allow browsing and slicing the heatmap.
  • SOA hooks will let you publish the heatmap directly from rpi to website for processing.
  • Website will have an rtl_power command line builder tool to guide your setting choices
  • Dunno how thats going to work. Subscription/ads/suggestions?
  • Alert on a given fq range to email. Help monitor the spectrum or find ET.

Any other suggestions/requirements?

How big honking server are you requiring for this?

Who is going to build/manage the site?

Based on the two above answers, we may be able to come up with something. :wink:

Throughput wise its not that bad. Its all memory bound and streamed. Its a csv file streamed in memory then outputting a jpg file of a cpl megs which may be in ram. Depends on load. I was thinking of hosting it myself to make some revenue for my company out of this unless i can come up with another arrangement. I already have a vps that i use for some other clients.

Any good feature ideas?