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RTL_Power CSV Analysis Tool

Hi all,

I’m trying to do a broadband spectrum survey using rtl_power.

I need a baseline before inserting my lna and filters to determine the change.

So i have a honkin CSV file going from 17 Mhz to 2.6 Ghz.
The survey was done overnight for 8hrs using 500k bins for DFFT

  1. lots of NAN (not a number) in it. Should i just replace these with an avg value?
  2. Anyone have a good tool that will take such a large CSV and generate a waterfall that i can zoom and identify frequencies? I have pi, linux, windows and mac so anything that would help me out would be greatly appreciated!

Try github.com/keenerd/rtl-sdr-misc … er/heatmap - it’ll build you a gigantic waterfall image.
(I’ve only used an older version though)

I’ve used the latest version of heatmap. It gives me a ruler, then NOTHING.

Am I to think that there is no real open source tool for this?

Well, I think heatmap.py is about it. You might want to try an older version, that worked fine for me.
(I think I used this version: kmkeen.com/tmp/heatmap.py.txt)

Ok i’m gonna spend a couple cycles making my own.

Ill do:

  1. A module that spits out a jpeg from an rtl CSV file.
  2. A python 3.2 command line app that generates the file.
  3. A gui app in python that uses python-gui to generate the file and “browse” the signals by frequency.

I want to make it free but i wouldn’t mind generating some revenue from it. Either advertisings while the guy generates. I dont know, have to think of that one.

Repky to this if u want a specific feature…