New piaware feeder can't be claimed


I managed to install piaware on my existent FR24 Feeder. After some configuration issues, it seems to be working (“piaware has successfully sent several msgs to FlightAware!”). But I am not able to claim and link my piaware feeder via “PiAware - Claim and Link a Brand New PiAware Ground Station - FlightAware”. The status of the piaware-service on my raspberry does show a feeder ID though and I can view the stats of my site. On the other hand, I can’t see the webinterface of the feeder on Port 8080 in my local network. That maybe due to it being installed on a raspberry running AdAware which features its own webinterface.
Am I missing anything important? Can I check for any further config-problems? Or is it possible to link my feeder to my account manually? I’d be happy for any advice.


possibly relevant:

Also in case you’re ever interested in starting from scratch or just adding some stuff to your receiver:

Great, that solved it! Sounds reasonable with the IPv6 confusion. And thanks for your link. I came from a different direction. Had a blank raspbian with AdAware and FR24 installed long time ago, then just added PiAware. Do you have an idea on how to make the local webinterface accessible? It seems to collide with the AdAware web-if. Think it needs a different port.

dump1090-fa is on port 8080 as well, you can try that.
You could get tar1090 and install nginx, set nginx to some port. Requires some configuration.

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