New Idea


I think that it would be nice to be able to go into a big airport say ORD and have a section to type in a flight number you want to know and have it go the map that shows all the flights in the area and have the plane that you want to track be a different color so you could track it in a busy area and not have it be lost. This is kinda hard to say and have it be clear.


I sorta understand it…


But do you think it’s a good idea??? It’s like this I was tracking a flight from BTV-ORD and it was just out side the airport. So I went to the ORD page and clicked on the map, the plane was somewhere in the area but you could find it because of how crowded it was and always is. So have a section to where you can type in the flight number and have it show up on the map as a different color so you can watch it go the rest of the way.


Ah yes, I see what you mean now. Yeah i’ve tried doing that but they are so cramed in there is almost impossible. Would be a good thing to have.