New guy here with a question

Hello guys, been lurkin for a while. You fellows seem like a pretty good bunch. A little about me: Dad is a private pilot. He started my “training” when I was 12. He bought a Warrior when I was 13, he got his Instrument, I soloed on my 16th B-day and got my private on my 17th. A few months after my Private, He decided we needed a twin so he bought an Apache with the 180’s on it. (Kept the Warrior BTW) Blah, Blah, Blah. Anyway, I’m 36 now with 2500tt, (which translates to 2300 and change) did the instructor gig, Navajo 135 freight and pax, Corporate Chieftain and King Air 200 PIC along with Lear 35 FO. The company went under and I was laid off. That was 8 years ago. I’ve flown for pay a few times since then, but now I’m not even current. I have a 1978 C152 and my pops still has the 1974 Warrior. Now to the question: we started a wholesale business a couple years ago and we are beginning to see a need for a fast and efficient plane thats priced under 100k. We’ve been kickin around the idea of a Twin Comanche. (I’ve got about 4hrs. in one and loved every minute of it) I know it’s just a light twin, and I have been to every possible website pertaining to the Twin-Co and everyone seems to speak very highly of it, but I really just want to see if anyone has any horror stories that they would like to share. (Especially Maintenance) I would appreciate any info.

Most common (and known) occurence seems like gear collapses. go to and type in twin comanche to see reported “horror stories”.

(But overall good safety record up to 2010…)

No personal experience with the aircraft, but our FBO is and has been a Piper dealer for a long time, and they swear by Commanches and Twin Commanches. They both have incredible performance for quite a low price, and seem to be no worse for safety or maintenance than any other light aircraft.

Well, the photo is a bubble-buster (LOL!) But seriously, keep 'em coming because I want to hear the Good, Bad, and Ugly about this little airplane.

The only drawback I ever heard was they were underpowered on one engine, but what light twin isn’t? Do you need payload or speed, that is probably the better question. If you need payload get an Aztec.

Typical mission would be east of the Mississippi, 100-600 nautical, 1-3 pax. From what I’ve read, the avg. Twin Comanche has a useful of about 1300 lbs give or take 50. I think thats enough payload for us. Can anyone tell me if the tip tanked ones are as fast as the standard models. A guy is telling me that there is no difference in speed.

(Especially Maintenance) I would appreciate any info.

You know what they say about opinions… Anyway, I spoke to an aircraft salesman and listened to his sales pitch on the Twin Comanche. I thought the BS was so deep that I took it for a demo flight (aware of all the tricks used on demo flights) more to prove him wrong than to seriously consider the Twin Comanche in my list of aircraft. The aircraft met and exceeded every perceived BS line of the aircraft salesman. I told my mechanic, who was thoroughly experienced in Twin Comanches, that I wanted him to do a prebuy. His reaction? “Save your money. If you buy it, you’ll need to leave your checkbook with me. The plane was a good plane in its day, but it is antiquated with old systems and parts availability is sometimes limited. There are so many more options for you that will let you hang on to your checkbook yourself. Maybe not as fuel efficient and fast, but maintenance won’t eat you alive.” I know there are others that may disagree, but I truly believe my mechanic watches out for me.

I have a 67 c-310L for sale at 60K, midtime on the right and lowtime engine on the left. Garmin 530 and King Silver crown.

160kts at 24gph 6 seats

I always liked the 310, got my multi in an older one and flew charters in one that was around the 1970 vintage. Don’t remember the exact model on either one.

Thanks 185Driver, we have looked at the 310 option, but it’s just a little too thirsty for our budget. I don’t have a lick of time in them, but I’ve heard they are a pretty nice ride. A local guy who owned several Cap’n D’s and KFC franchises had one a long time ago and he loved it. BTW the tail # was N310FC. (Fish and Chicken)

Comanches are great planes! We have a single-engine. Check out International Comanche Society website. Great group of knowledgable Comanche pilots from all over the world.

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You can pick up a LR-25 for about $200,000 now. but the fuel burn would bankrupt you

Not to mention our salaries. :smiley:

I’m sure I could get a kid whose mom and dad just paid for his type to pay ‘me’ to ride around in the right seat with him. The head honcho at my corporate gig once made the statement “You pilots ought to be paying me for all this multi- turbine time you’re gettin!”

lol, I’ve heard that before too.