New flightfeeder orange Wi-Fi password issue

Excited to get started with my flightfeeder orange. However, when I visit the Wi-Fi password page, it does not respond to the save or cancel buttons. So I get stuck on that page and have to unplug the device to get out. I can enter the password just fine, but I cannot save or cancel. It just doesn’t do anything when pushing those two buttons.

The Ethernet seems to work fine but my install location really needs to use Wi-Fi. All other menu pages and buttons work just fine as well.

Is this a known bug, or is there a way for me to update the device software or reinstall it?

If you are facing it,then may be it’s a bug because I faced it too before. The wifi password page got hanged. Contact the support.

Please e-mail for assistance with your FlightFeeder.

This bug affect version FlightFeeder firmware version 7.8.3. The wifi password screen will save the password but it doesn’t close the password window.

The work around is to put in the password, push the save button, then power cycle the box.

Thanks David, I’ve tried this about 10 times - and made sure the ethernet was not plugged in (I read it will default to ethernet if it’s plugged in) - but it will not connect to the wifi after saving the password and power cycling. I may just have to see if I can get ethernet to the install location instead - unless you have a newer or older version of the firmware I can try installing?

Your box was connected to FlightAware so I went and forced the box to upgrade to the latest version.

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Thank you kindly, we’re up and running now!