New Feeder location to learn from

Finally managed to get a feeder set up from 50’ up on a ham tower on the other side of town with an identical configuration to my primary feeder. Here’s a view from up there:

So far the results are lower. My initial gain setting was set identical to my primary feeder, but was producing almost no results. After viewing the collectd stats, it was obvious that I was overdriving the dongle. Dropped Gain from 38.6 down to 10 and saw a 20 fold increase in planes. Spent the afternoon yesterday making tweaks to the gain setting one step at a time up until stats fell off and then backed it down to 25.4 which is what appeared to be the best setting. Will tweak up and down one step a day to fine tune it over a longer period. At some point I will do a frequency sweep to see if I need to add any filtering. Currently the only filtering is what is provided by the high pass filter that is part of the Paladin 20db amp that is mounted on the tower.

I am using CCI 92041 Quad Shield RG6 cable for all connections. Can be purchased at about any Lowes or Home Depot in CONUS.

8 segment COCO 112.4mm segments → Paladin 20db amp → 60’ feed line → DirecTV power inserter → 1’ feed line → R820T2 dongle.


New Feeder 50’ up on tower: … tats-17370

Primary feeder under tree cover: … stats-5696

Added info about coax cable

What kind of cable are you using?

The cable I am using is CCI 92041 quad shield RG6 coax with a Velocity Factor of .81. It can be found at about any Lowes or Home Depot in CONUS.

Here is a link to the spec sheet for the cable: