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New Error since update to 4.0


I am running prostick Plus with SD CARD image on RP 3 - Since the most recent update I am seeing many cases of dump1090 failing. Here is the log

[2020-11-13 09:15 EST] performing manual update, action: reboot
[2020-11-13 09:16 EST] ADS-B data program ‘dump1090-fa’ is listening on port 30005, so far so good
[2020-11-13 09:16 EST] site statistics URL: https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/homegrownalerts#stats-125651
[2020-11-13 09:16 EST] adept reported location: 40.54389, -84.42711, 891ft AMSL
[2020-11-13 09:16 EST] logged in to FlightAware as user homegrownalerts
[2020-11-13 09:16 EST] UAT support disabled by local configuration setting: uat-receiver-type
[2020-11-13 09:16 EST] mlat-client(635): Using UDP transport to port 16398
[2020-11-13 09:16 EST] mlat-client(635): Lost connection to localhost:30005
[2020-11-13 09:16 EST] will reconnect to dump1090-fa in 30 seconds
[2020-11-13 09:16 EST] mlat-client(635): Route MTU changed to 1500
[2020-11-13 09:16 EST] lost connection to dump1090-fa via faup1090
[2020-11-13 09:16 EST] mlat-client(635): Beast-format results connection with ::1:30104: [Errno 111] Connection refused

What do the dump1090-fa logs say? (journalctl -e -u dump1090-fa)

I think this may have come down to a loose connection. Although, nothing was actually “loose” I reseated everything and have not had an error since.

This is normal if after reboot or restart it occurs once or twice then stops. If it keeps repeating, then it needs to be investigated.