New CO 772 Delivery #19


Continentals’ new 772 made it’s first voyage yesterday under the tail # N77019.

No flight history? Or is it in the system yet?


Its (note correct spelling of word “its”) flight ID would be BOExxxx. Looking at past departures from PAE, it could have been either BOE449 or BOE221.


There is another COA 777 just eight planes down the 777 line as well.
Your plane is line number 617 and N69020 is line 625



Should be … 00-799.htm (period before “htm”)

If you copy-and-paste rather than type the URL in you won’t get that type of error.


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That doesn’t mean that COA 777 couldn’t have used the BOE449. The numbers are not unique - they are always reused.


I’ve added the BOE test nos. now so you can easily see what belongs to what. … 00-799.htm

Also, typing N77019 into the box on top of my blog at would have brought up the info you see on that link. Eays peasy. :slight_smile:


Currently enroute as COA9970 to KIAH ETA a little after 3:00 PM CDT