New Airport/FBO info - Suggestions


Great feature I see coming.

I added the FBO for EKY from my yesterday’s experience.


Change the drop down arrow for selecting FBO, School, and so on to a radio button. I can see schools inadvertantly being left as an FBO if the user is not savy enough to click the down arrow to see there are other choices and the school may be listed as an FBO rather then a school. I was going to add a school in FBO, but wasn’t sure about the comment field. See further down.

When selecting other venues other then FBO’s maybe have the fuel prices, and FBO related choices filtered out and place school related descriptive choices, like class room size, airplane fleet size and types.

Comments - provide some examples so people like me can conform easily to what you are looking for. Kinda hard to be “objective” on sharing experiences. For example, kinda hard to comment on a school that’s located in an FBO without giving personal experiences which becomes subjective. Only thing I could think of for EKY was to put only FBO on field. Anything beyond that, such as commenting on services may be subjective.

Did I say great feature already




Good point - it now defaults to whatever category you clicked on.

It gets tricky because the services become so variable but definitely I think there is room for improvement.

Yeah, we’re not entirely sure what the format will work out to be and the place for objective explanations vs “my experience was . . .” comments will be more clear once we have comments enabled.

I think once we give it a few days to establish itself, we can clean up a few airports and present them as “model airports” for example purposes.