New Airbus A370?


A most intriguing rumour…

Airbus is potentially developing an A370. The information is from secondary and tertiary sources so it may be inaccurate essentially a paper plane at this stage. It appears the 370 is a follow on to the 350.

The A370 appears to be targeted at… and Singapore [Airlines Limited], to forestall 787 orders. Other airlines probably have been contacted. The information suggests Airbus will keep the current A350-800. The A370 would come in two sizes; approximately sized like the A350-900 and A340-600.

I dont know, that sounds a little bit sketchy to me? Why would airbus come out wtih a new aircraft to help counter the 787 when they haven’t even deployed the A380 and its developing fleet of A350?

Could this be true?

Take it easy my friends 8)


Looks like they’re just throwing this out there in an attempt to stop 787 sales. Doubt it will do much.


The A350 IS Airbus’ direct competitive a/c to the 787. Yes, it’s true that they’ve taken a lot of heat from Airbus-loyal airlines about the deficiencies w/ regards to the economic performance of the A350. That doesn’t mean that they’re going to start a whole new line just for ANOTHER new airframe right now. To do this would basically be offering the A350 “in the mean time” to their loyal airlines and lessors (leasors?) until a newer, better airframe could be designed. It would be an AWFUL lot on the table at one time (and a lot of $$ spent by both A and the airlines), as the A350 itself is still a paper airplane, and the A380 is facing delays w/ certification and deliveries.


Airbus is reworking the design of the A350 to address customer concerns about its competitiveness. They are also of course preparing the A380 for full production (after some delays) and testing aerodynamic efficiencies for the A320. In addition, the A340 is being examined to make it a better competitor.

I would be extremely surprised if the A370 was real. They simply have too much invested in these current projects to design a successor to a plane that does not yet exist.




From today’s Seattle Times (emphasis mine):

Airbus may make design changes

Speculation is mounting that Airbus, bending to customer pressure, will announce in July a complete revamp of its plan to compete against Boeing’s highly successful 787, killing off the previously touted A350 and replacing it with an A370.

According to a Flight International report Monday, the new twin-engine design will create a family spanning both the 787 and the 777 Boeing models. It will have a wider fuselage cross section, with a row of nine seats rather than the A350’s eight, plus all-composite wings and more powerful engines designed for higher cruise speed.

Such a design could leapfrog Boeing technically and provide steep competition long term. The price for Airbus: Its new jet will be expensive to develop and would not enter service until 2012, almost four years behind the 787.

An Airbus spokeswoman said only that the European jet maker is listening to its customers, “now as always.”


Thanks for the article, damiross. If the A370 IS for real, then it only makes sense to kill the A350 altogether. Even a company like Airbus (or Boeing, for that matter) can’t support 2 entirely new lines that essentially compete in the same market niche simultaneously. It still sucks for them that it’s quite a setback in time and $$. Once a plan is finally publicized, I guess the ball will be back in Boeing’s court for the next-generation 737 (797, 807, or whatever the hell the moniker will be).


Thank you for the input on that topic guys…your views were greatly appreciated…