A350 ?


I need some informations about the a350 . Am confused about the types of the a350 and XWB ??


XWB=“Extra Wide Body.” It’s the newer version of the A350 that Airbus proposed after its customers complained that the original A350 design was inferior on many levels to the 787. One of the biggest complaints was that Airbus was continuing to reinvent the wheel, using the same fuselage design as A340 and A330 with modifications mainly to the engines and the Al-Li alloy body. No real substantive changes to the design. That’s why the original design was scrapped and the XWB was born.

Now when they’ll get the program rolling depends on a lot of things; mainly when they can get certification to start manufacturing the A380 so they can begin to deliver them and focus on the XWB.

I hope you’re not holding your breath for this one; it’s going to be a while regardless of how Airbus comes out of the WhaleJet fiasco. You can read more about the -800 vs. -900 series at airbus.com, but I must warn you that there’s not a lot of hard figures about the aircraft’s specs, as they haven’t completely figured it out themselves yet.


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What you wrote was very interesting Planeaholic. I am still amazed that at least 20 airlines have actually signed on the dotted line for an A350.


The majority of those orders are/were for a product that doesn’t exist anymore. I think only two of them were placed after the XWB announcement.


http://www.airliners.net (for speculation)
www.google.com (for even more speculation)
www.airbus.com (for the manufacturer of the A350)


I think it’s safe to say that any airlines that have signed contracts to buy the A350 (whichever version) are doing so because they either want to fly an *all *Airbus fleet or they don’t want to fly an all Boeing fleet (like Emirates, who seem to want a little bit of everything).

There are so few facts and figures available on this paper airplane that I find it hard to believe that anyone has legitimately been sold on it being a better a/c than the Dreamliner.