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New ADS-B Setup

Can the new Raspberry Pi 2 be used instead of the B+ model? Some sell the Raspberry 2 as a kit and claim it is better performance (although not sure if this is necessary for this use). How hard of a configuration is this really for someone only moderately computer savvy? Thanks.

The Pi2 can be used just as easily as any other pi. The performance will not really do much to improve ADS-B statistics unless you are going to run multiple ADSB feeds off the same PI or run other software at the same time.


That incremental cost might be better spent on an outdoor antenna or the new version of the SDR dongle to increase coverage.

What’s now the latest and greatest?

They’re (nominally) the same price … Given the choice, go with the Pi 2 :slight_smile:



I have tested both the Newelec R820T and the R820T2. For my setup using a 8 segment COCO, the R820T gives 10% better results than the R820T2… I have not compared any other brands. Your results may vary depending on Location, antenna, amp, filters, and other variables. Both have been rock solid with no problems.


Did you tune them for ppm offset? Some vary widely

Yes. Mine are at 63 and 55. Not much variance.