Better SDR kit



While PiAware webpage recommends this kit, I’ve found a better kit, that:

  1. Has newer model with R820T2 tuner compared to R820T tuner
  2. Has better telescopic antenna
  3. 1$ cheaper


The T2 model is the replacement for the R820T. Guessing that whichever URL you are referencing just has not updated the recommendation. The T2 is better in my experience and others from what I’ve read.


I have two of these kits and have been using this model SDR dongle for around two months now. Never had the older model, but based on the detailed reviews I’ve seen in these forums (one of which is an extremely detailed test of both models), this was the better buy. I would agree that the PiAware instructions page should now point to this newer (blue) model.

For what it’s worth, it does come with a (useless for us) remote control, which is shown on the Amazon page you linked. It also comes with a ‘better’ antenna than the older kit. The newer antenna actually worked a lot better than I ever would have thought over the first few days that I had it stuck in a window, but I’ve seen friends have similar if not better results with the old style stubby antenna. Either way, replacing either of them with a proper antenna for ADS-B should be a priority after setting up either SDR for ADS-B work.



Any plans from the admins to change recomendations to a new kit?


Change submitted. Should be live Monday.


It’s updated. Nice!

BTW price is $23 not $24.