Need historical flight datA



I need to find some historical flight data to do with a delay claim bu am struggling to find any trace of my flight? I flew to Corfu back in September 2010 from London Gatwick and suffered a delay of over 27 hours. I am not sure of the flight number but we were due to fly out on Friday 3rd September 2010, at around 8pm (UK time) but did not actually leave Gatwick until about 12.30am on Sunday 5th September.

If anyone can help me at all, I will really appreciate it!



Without more information it’s almost impossible to trace a flight that far back. My guess is it was Easyjet (operated by Air Finland 757), but I find nothing in acars history which matches the times you give:

OH-AFJ (B752 OF) 1901 20100903 U28757 (LGW-CFU)
OH-AFI (B752 OF) 0724 20100904 U28751 (LGW-CFU)
G-TTOJ (A320 GT) 0721 20100905 U28751 (LGW-CFU)

and FWIW this is the current schedule:

Departure (London) Arrival (Corfu) Airlines Days Flight No.
5:55 AM 11:00 AM EasyJet Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sun 8751
6:30 AM 11:40 AM EasyJet Sun 2371
11:50 AM 4:55 PM EasyJet Fri 8755
4:55 PM 10:00 PM EasyJet Mon,Wed 8757
5:50 PM 10:55 PM EasyJet Tue,Sat,Sun 8759

Maybe this might jog a memory.