Need Historical Commercial Flight Data

I need help in finding historic commercial flight data. I need to supply information towards evidence in a court hearing. The information I need is regarding the departure time of a Jet Blue flight and Jet Blue, has not been forthcoming in an effort to help. I don’t think it’s beyond their capabilities, but for whatever reasons, I have run into nothing but dead ends.

I need to know the exact time a Jet Blue flight took off from Long Beach Airport [LGB] and landed at Dulles International Airport [IAD] on 05/22/08. I have a confirmation # but Jet Blue says their records don’t go back that far, so they can’t help me. I believe if a flight took off and landed, they must have a record of it somewhere. Can someone help me ascertain this information. It’s extremely important.

Thank you in advance for any information you can supply.

B6 05/22/2008 0304 N588JB IAD 10:58 11:08
B6 05/22/2008 0304 N588JB LGB 18:41 18:36
B6 05/22/2008 0300 N624JB IAD 21:50 22:16
B6 05/23/2008 0300 N618JB LGB 05:27 05:20 … /index.xml
The 2 times are departure or arrival and wheels off or wheels on.

I knew I came to the right place. Thank you. You were a huge help.

  • Rick

Just remember that all times in the database are “as reported”, i.e. there is no exactitude, ergo the record would have to be acceptable to the specific court for admission as evidence.

BTDT with ships clearing harbors, waterways, locks, etc.


Settle down rw812. There is no way he will be submitting this as evidence - unless it’s Joe Brown etc. And then again, what do you care?

Let’s see how this goes - Your Honor, Rick Riley here. I am submitting to the court, evidence I obtained from an Internet message board, from someone known as Pat206 and who joined said message board on 30 October, 2005 and who has in excess of 670 posts. Judge to Rick Riley - That is overwhelming evidence. Court finds in your favor. One million dollars.

Or it could go like this - Joe or Jane client, your attorney Rick Riley here. In addition to my hourly fee of hundreds of dollars an hour, I obtained evidence from an Internet message board. I got it for free but I am going to charge you thousands and when we win the case with this evidence, I will get my customary 60% + attorney’s fees because that is the kind of lawyer that I am.

I don’t know who you are rw812, but with exactly no information about this RickRiley fellow, you… ah never mind.

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THE REASON FOR MY QUESTION. My son believes he was in the air on a Jet Blue flight when the father said he made the threat. The father stated a time the threat was made. My son tried to get the records from Jet Blue and after four hours on the phone, they said their records didn’t go back that far and could only provide him with a confirmation number.

My son is a single dad. He has lost his house and everything he owns over this. I have asked an attorney I know to help him out, which he is doing gratis. The attorney does not want to subpoena the records because he doesn’t want to tip the father off. He would like father to reiterate the story with the exact time and then produce the records. I offered to try to find out the information in order to help out. We’re all pitching in at this point because everyone who knows my son, knows he is good man and is being falsely accused.

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My apologies. I have deleted my posting. I hope Studentpilot deletes my quote in his posting.

There was no explanation to begin with. There have been cases of lawyers trying to get information on this board. That, along with my experiences with lawyers, has led me to, at times, jump the gun and make bad accusations.

I understand where you are coming from. I hope you understand my viewpoint.

Again, I apologize.

Now, if you will give me a few minutes, I believe I can get you the exact information you need.

‘812’ From the information I was able to ascertain, it doesn’t look like the times will help him. It was two years ago, and he THOUGHT he may have been in the air when the father said he was on the phone but it looks like he wasn’t.

I accept your apology, but please understand what accusations without foundation does to others. In this country it’s no longer innocent until proven guilty, it’s the other way around and it creates more misery than most people can even imagine.

Thank you for humbling yourself. Most people wouldn’t.

I need to know the exact time a Jet Blue flight took off from Long Beach Airport [LGB] and landed at Dulles International Airport [IAD] on 05/22/08.

I have a confirmation # but Jet Blue says their records don’t go back that far, so they can’t help me. I believe if a flight took off and landed, they must have a record of it somewhere. Can someone help me ascertain this information. It’s extremely important.

There were 2 flights on 5/22/08:
JetBlue 300 (tail number N624JB)
Scheduled departure time: 21:50 (from gate)
Actual departure time: 21:50
Wheels up: 22:16
Wheels down at IAD: 05:38 (next day)
Scheduled arrival time: 5:40 (at gate)
Actual arrival time: 5:44

JetBlue304 (tail number N588JB)
Scheduled Departure time: 10:55
Actual Departure time: 10:58
Wheels up: 11:08
Wheels down: 18:36 (at IAD)
Scheduled arrival time: 18:56
Arrival time: 18:41

Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics On Time Performance … me=On-Time

Thank you, thank you very much. :laughing: