Nearby Map


Map shows traffic overhead my location. After selecting and viewing a specific flights details a “return to root” takes you back to the map, but the airplane icons are gone. Track lines are still displayed, and a refresh of the map does not change display.

Refresh of FlightAware Map briefly displays non-FA map.

Sometimes pinching/sliding or zooming restores airplane icons.


When I replicate this on my iPhone4 the application crashes every time when I select “Root View…”


using iPhone 3GS (64Gb)


Second that. I’m using a 3rd Gen iPod Touch.


Could the radius of +/-60 miles be increased? By the time the airplane is on the screen, it has already past by my location.

The En Route/Schedule of “My Airports” only goes out to +/- 25 min. Can it be increased?

Using Droid X, Android Version 2.3.3, Flightaware Version