iPhone App V2.0


Two massive thumbs up on the “Nearby” screen.


Pretty cool huh??


Love it!

Couple of things.

Is there a way to get an option to declutter the planes on zooming out on nearby?

Can you get it to autorotate in landscape for more east west view of the map?


Zoom in by pinching the display like a photo or regular google map.


+1, please.


It opens perfectly in zoomed in mode. Problem was that when I first opened it, there were no airplanes in my immediate area making me zoom out. It rapidly gets cluttered as you pinch in.

Looks like a range was set for data as outside MS no airplanes in nearby mode (makes sense since I am only looking for nearby). Would be kinda cool to pan across the US and see planes over like my sisters house in MD or around BWI.


You will have to go visit your sister for that. And bring your iPhone. :slight_smile:


Ha! Think big, iPad! :stuck_out_tongue: as I order SWA tickets. :laughing:

Looks awesome in the big screen!

Speaking of iPad, you may want to add iPad to flightaware.com/iphone/ as a device.

Now if you came out with HD app for iPad and had pictures of the actual model of that plane, now that would be incredible.


One thing I have noticed.

“Full-screen map (with NEXRAD weather)”

Is the NEXRAD suppose to come in with the Google maps?

If so, radar overlay doesn’t appear to be working on my iPad.


No, the nexrad weather is only for the individual flight maps right now.


The problem to me is that it is not friendly to sorting particular types of planes. Say for instance you want to see all the airborne 757’s or all the airborne Boeings. You can’t do that. The other thing is when you view airport activity, then any of the menus, it doesnt tell you up front the types of planes that are in that list. If it had this information available in these lists as opposed to having to click on each individual tail number, it’d be perfect. Then from selecting the tail number, it should again allow you to select the type (for example: A333) of plane that it is and then be able to see all of that kind of plane in the air.


Cool App! One question. When in “Nearby”, is the delay the same as the regular FA website? I know my “pin” is real-time, but are the aircraft any closer to real-time?


Same 5 minute delay as usual.


Would be nice if the status message on scheduled flights said something about it being scheduled as opposed to Arrived at XXX from the previous flight.

Anyway to reorder the aircraft in MyFlightaware on the iphone? I have quite a few in my list and I would like to have a select few at the top without having to scroll down each time I start the app.

Otherwise a great improvement.


Just tried using the flight notifications in the new app for the first time. Worked pretty well, though I did notice that clicking “View” in the popup took me to the main screen of the app. I think it would make more sense for the app to open up to the flight status screen.


Next suggestion, smaller icons for flights on the “nearby” screen. We had three commercial flights go over us last night and only one showed up on the “nearby” screen, but he main map on the TUL page showed all three. Would the larger icons be causing that?


On my second generation iPod touch, I’m having problems with this app.Whenever I click En route or Scheduled for KBLM, it says “Sorry, could not get flights for airport”. However, arrivals and departures work fine. It also works fine on my computer. Any ideas what could be causing these issues?


Would expanding (pinching out) the map help any unclutter the planes?


The airplane icons are intentionally quite large to make a decent sized touch target for your finger. You can use the standard iPhone gestures to zoom/pan so you can differentiate between nearby aircraft.

Are you sure there was traffic at the time? KBLM is pretty low volume; for example right now there are no scheduled departures and only 3 En route.


Right now there are 2 flights en route, but it still says that it could not get flights for airport.