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NATS/FlightAware Airspace Explorer App

This forthcoming App looks interesting:


Is anyone able to confirm that the data for this project is coming from NATS own UK radar derived data or from the FlightAware ADS-B and MLAT sharing network?

Looking at their example of a Spitfire track, it looks more like MLAT data than from a primary radar source, or is that just the App update rate that show zigzagging tracks?

It’s both – we have their radar and of course ADS-B/MLAT.

Its gone a bit quiet

Has this App been delayed?

A BETA version is now available for iOS and seems to run fine on my iPad mini.
Handy that it can use NATS radar data as well as FA ADS-B & MLAT. Other useful data on airports and FIRs. Lots of settings to play with. Has both 2D and 3D modes. World coverage surprisingly.
Worth a look.

The link to sign up for the beta seems dead. :frowning:

You don’t need to sign up, just download it from the app store. This thread is nearly 4 years old.

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The inevitable, quick links at the bottom of a thread to ancient threads strikes again.
Would be great to lock all threads older than 3 months.