Nashville to Atlanta?


Any idea of what led to this return to BNA?




22 04:53 SE 16 G 29 5.00 Thunderstorm Rain Fog/Mist
22 03:53 SE 18 G 24 6.00 Thunderstorm Light Rain Fog/Mist
22 02:53 SE 10 10.00 Thunderstorm Light Rain
22 01:53 SE 12 G 18 5.00 Thunderstorm Rain Fog/Mist
22 00:53 SE 8 7.00 Light Rain

We had a healthy system pass through down this neck of the woods and maybe they held prior to getting to the system with the hopes of being able to penetrate and saw they couldn’t punch through it and turned back.

All a guess of course :smiley:



Suspected it might have been, but it didnt look that bad. The flightaware tracking looked like something I could have done with an etch-a-sketch… thanks.


Heh heh, yeah, not exactly the most precise, but giving the benefit to the pilot, it has all the marks of a healthy “cross wind” across his path, and he had to make what appears to me to be constant wind correction angles to compensate for the stronger winds aloft. I don’t know what the winds were in that area, but over KJAN around that period of time, just 2000 feet off the deck was 50+ knot winds.

His hold to me looks good (the loops southwest of Birmingham).

I notice this type of tracking (squiggly lines) on my own flights when ever I encounter strong winds blowing across my flight path anyhow for what it’s worth.



Allen… Just looked at ATL weather history a little closer and it looked like fog…


Oh criminy, how I mixed up ATL for Birmingham? Don’t ask…


For people looking at this posting the day (or week or month or year) posting, here’s the exact flight: … /KBNA/KBNA
and the original flight: … /KBNA/KATL which shows the same route but for completeness I thought I show it.


Thanks. Will try to remember to lock it in by date next time…


Excerpted from

23 04:52 Calm 0.25 Fog VV001 49 48
23 03:52 Calm 0.06 Fog VV001 49 48
23 02:52 NW 3 0.06 Light Drizzle Fog VV001 49 48
23 01:52 SE 5 0.06 Light Drizzle Fog VV001 48 47
23 00:52 S 3 0.25 Light Drizzle Fog VV001 47 47
22 22:52 E 3 0.50 Light Drizzle Fog/Mist

So, yes, dwillisnh I’d suspect you are correct, fog would be the issue! :smiley:


I just listened to the KBNA archives from 01:00-01:30 Local and did not hear a FRL208 landing… Can anyone confirm if the departure/landing time is accurate? I’ll listen through the archives from the departure time to see if I can find that flight departing.


The arrival time appears to be correct based on the tracklog.


The tracks in the hold are a little bit off because the autopilot isn’t always as exact as we like it to be. The autopilot is constantly trying to correct for winds aloft.