NASA817 Over Georgian Bay ON


hi all, first time here but long time watcher…saw this plane Saturday mowing the lawn over Georgian Bay ON Canada…think it was the 19th Jan 2012 spent 5 hrs over Georgian Bay…flew in and out of Bangor Maine…and just prior came from Palmdale…I researched it and the plane is a research plane…very interesting as there isn’t much in this area trust me lol…any thoughts…smak4 :question:


Counting snowflakes. I kid you not: … URRENT.pdf


The permalink for the flight is … /KBGR/KBGR
It’s interesting to see that the actual flight is really different from the planned one. The planned one was straight lines over. The actual was mostly circling. Look. I was able to write this without using dozens of extra periods. :slight_smile:


thanks pat206 for the info…snowflake counting it is…cool to watch as it made the rounds on the “race track”…smak4


The Cold Season Precipitation Experiment? Sounds very Canadian. I can run around peoples backyards with a ruler for far cheaper then keeping a DC-8 around if NASA is hiring.