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N953FL - odd data

I was getting ready to reboot my Pi and noticed something odd. I saw that N953FL was about to come into my tracking zone, so I thought to see who he is before doing so. If you look at the flight data for this plane for 09 Oct from KCMH, you will see that it suddenly dies at 0236 EDT (from 5200 ft) as it was about to come into Connecticut. But then if you try to look at the FAA registration data; it does not exist! It did show on FlightAware, AirNav, and FR24, but not on AQDSBexchange nor my tracking station. AirNav says the data originated from FAA SWIM. The trackers that reported did show altitude, Lat, Long, and ground speed, but no squawk, plane type, etc.

So what’s going on here. Does the FAA maybe run some testing tracks in early morning hours? Maybe a rogue unregistered something?

Probably the tail number was entered incorrectly (or misheard) on the FAA side.