N7007Q Hawker 4000 - first customer delivery pending . . .


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Finally!!!, with 27 aircraft in the completion centre, and 130 firm orders, the Hawker 4000 received full FAA certification this week and delivery number one, N7007Q c/n RC-7 is all set.


Sweet looking thing. Can’t wait till mine comes [2090]


Finally we’ll see this beauty in the skies! :smiley:


Spotter… so the first one is yours eh… you can tell me… no-one has to know.

We get a fair amount of private jets so I hope I’ll see (hijack) one…


This plane was at Joplin today. on it’s way back to the Factory.
I could hear it but it was too cloudy to see it. Bumer.


Delivery Statement N7007Q was officially delivered yesterday, to Gary and Donna Hall,
of Joplin Missouri. According to the press release, the Hall’s currently have a Hawker 800XP,
and fly regularly between Vegas and Joplin.

FlightAware Flight Tracker captures the flight track of the first delivery of a Hawker 4000.

FlightAware Flight Tracker N15QS is on the ramp in Toronto right now, visiting
the CBAA Canadian Business Aircraft Assoc. Convention.


There is one… I figure its a test flight? KBEC to KBEC.


N802HH is aircraft number 2 (RC-2) which first flew on May 10th, 2002. I ‘think’ RC-1 and RC-2 are being retained by Hawker, aircraft 3 and 4 that had been part of the certification program, where refurbished for resale.

The Hawker 4000 design started in 1993 as the PD376, then briefly as the Horizon 1000; and was announced at the Orlando NBAA Convention in November 1996. The full-size cabin mock-up was exhibited at the Dallas NBAA Convention in November 1997.

First flight of aircraft 1 (RC-1 N4000R) was on August 11 2001. The first customer aircraft was supposed to be RC-5 N805HH to Jack DeBoer in late 2004 or early 2005. (That sure didn’t happen).

These aircraft cost so much to manufactuer, at 21 million apiece, it doesn’t even cover the cost of building the aircraft!!! As production picks up to 3 per month, the manufacturing cost will come down.


Thanks for the info. 3 A month seems slow but I don’t know what demand is like, nor do I have relative figures to compare that too. You seem to know much. In the industry? What are production costs like?