N2TX King Air B100 down in Texas . . .

Flightaware Flight Tracker N2TX

Flightaware photo by jaywisch

Pilot reported both engines failed, forced landing in a field near Aurora in Wise County Texas. About 22 miles NW of Ft. Worth.

Two persons are reported critical, two others with lessor injuries.

N2TX departed Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma around 13:50 bound for Meacham Airport in Fort Worth.

The pilot was in contact with Meacham Airport at about 14:45 when he reported both engines malfunctioning.

The nose and left wing were detached from the aircraft and the fuselage was bowed in the middle.

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Wow! Hopefully no death after they get to the hospital. :frowning: I’m not sure about that dood named Wesley, “This is the country!” :laughing: :laughing:

I’ll bet my left nut I know why both those highly efficient noise makers failed.

I’d love to hear this.

(not calling you out; just genuinely curious.)


R u thinking fuel hunger?

Fuel starvation- that can mean several different things but 99.9% of the time in multi-engine aircraft if BOTH engines stop turning, its from lack of fuel.
The guy that owns the Macon Jet center (Bo) was flying a b1900 out of Denver when he lost both engines after take-off in heavy IMC and managed to crash the AC in a manner that he did’t kill any of the PAX but he was in the hospital for a month.
A Mech had left a rag in the fuel system, in a spot where both engines draw from (I don’t know the 1900 so I can’t tell you where exactly)

I say fuel starvation. Plus I’ve been in a airplane that has run out of gas (as a pax)

sounds plausible.

Are those five-bladed props?

I’d bet you’re right too.

Yep. I think they’re McCauley Black-Mac.

I doubt you’d get anyone knowledgeable who would take that bet.

Sounds like like his fuel became contaminated with air.

Yeah - running it just a little bit too lean :slight_smile:

Here’s my pic of this airplane at Meacham last year…
Hope all have a quick recovery.

You took that pic yourself?

Great shot of the King Air above . . .

Regis#: 2TX Make/Model: BE10 Description: 100 King Air (U-21F Ute)
Date: 10/07/2009 Time: 1940

Event Type: Accident Highest Injury: None Mid Air: N Missing: N
Damage: Destroyed

City: AURORA State: TX Country: US


INJURY DATA Total Fatal: 0
# Crew: 1 Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk: 1
# Pass: 3 Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk: 3
# Grnd: Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk:

WEATHER: AFW 2000Z SPECI 01012G17 10NM OVC080 22/19

Activity: Unknown Phase: Unknown Operation: OTHER

FAA FSDO: FORT WORTH, TX (SW19) Entry date: 10/07/2009

WFAA.com photos

Gonna need a few cases of BONDO and a really good buffer.

Best wishes to all aboard.

Why yes, I did take the photo myself…

Is that show Fear Factor still running?

Thanks for sharing. Did you happen to take a picture of the left wing?