N2436F Cessna 172S - 1 rescued in open ocean . . .


San Diego NBC News video and story . . .

Flying School C172S out of San Diego crashes in open ocean, two lost, passenger rescued. Coast Guard had already called off search due to fog, couple returning on a small boat came across passenger in the middle of ‘nowhere!!!’ using their GPS to get back to Dana Point.

Passenger found off the coast of Oceanside. One lucky guy, no life jacket, floating with two broken legs - treading water. Didn’t even have the strength to grab life preserver.

Pilot just recently received his pilots license.


It’s a bummer, I actually am finishing up my commercial at that school. I guess the whole crew were pilots and the PIC was a private trying to do spin manuvers…something he shouldn’t have been doing in the first place.


As you say bummer, seems your flight school lost a second Cessna 172S today when another student while doing touch and goes, veered into a parked Robinson helicopter. Fortunately there were no injuries.

San Diego News


I know, i just got a call a bit ago from a CFI. At least it wasn’t the last G1000 the school has. They just sold two out of four a week ago and the oceanside insident was the third so i got one left to train in. I better hurry up and finish my rating before the school goes under and I have to finish at NAC.