N199US DC-9-15F USA Jet Airlines - crash/burns in Mexico . .

Flightaware Flight Tracker JUS199 departed Hamilton Ontario enroute to Mexico - delivering car parts.

Aircraft was based at Yipsilanti Willow Run Airport, it was involved in a landing accident, reported down short of the runway. Captain was killed in accident, and Co-pilot has received life-threatening burns.

CNN News . . . ASN Accident Report

This aircraft was delivered to Continental Airlines as N8910 on October 18th 1967. It was retired from Continental
on August 31st 1972. It later served with Southern Airlines, Hughes Airwest, then as N9350 with Republic Airlines.
It entered freight service as N567PC with Purolater, Emery, and as N199US with USA Jet.

Somebody said they were on the VOR/DME to 17 circle to land on 35.


Looks like a tough approach at night.

RIP to Captain McIntosh.

Video of crash

One frame of the video shows a brief, bright flash, perhaps lending weight to suggestions that the aircraft clipped a power line during the event.

Could be, but I’m thinking that could have also been a compressor stall, due to the highly unusual angle at that moment. the ‘flash’ seems to have come from the engine area.
Either way, it’s interesting to see that the flight appeared rather normal (judging by the light beams) right until the pull-up.