N167SM BAC Strikemaster crashes into frozen Hudson River . .

Sad, a privately owned BAC 167 Strikemaster known for the Dragon painted on it’s nose - did a low pass over the runway at Kingston-Ulster Airport - North of New York City, then turned around to land - and for unknown reasons crashed into the frozen Hudson River killing the lone pilot on board. (Today around 13:30)

Click Here for background on N167SM Strikemaster owned by Dragon Air.

photo MDL Photoz/Flickr

jerrythejet.com/main.htm TheDragon’s airshow website.

An update to this accident.

Seems the aircraft had just been sold privately, the new owner a young (38) Doctor from Hudson NY area. (a Cirrus owner).

The aircraft was on a delivery flight with the new owner - flying from Nashville to Columbia Municipal Airport in Hudson NY.

It has just stopped for fuel in Johnstown PA - six pilot friends had gathered at Kingston-Ulster Airport to view the arrival of the newly purchased aircraft.

The aircraft performed a low flyover down runway ‘15’ - banked left, stalled, and nosed into the frozen Hudson River - killing the pilot.

It is unclear if he was going to come around to land, however his final destination planned was Hudson NY.

Latest update; aircraft said to have done the flyby over the runway - then went into a steep climb and stalled . . .

poughkeepsiejournal.com/arti … 006/news01

Young, Doctor, Cirrus Owner, Private Jet.

Recipe for a tragedy or a prime example of an error chain?

You decide, but still sad on all fronts.

Similar thoughts crossed my mind too.