My plane

Is there a way of looking at the my Live Data map and determining which plane I’m receiving from?
Probably a dumb question.

The selected plane should have a thicker border around the plane icon, as well as the track shown. This is the case with dump1090-mutability.

Is this what you’re asking?

The selected plane

I worded the question wrong. I understand what you are saying. Any plane I click on will show the track.
I should have asked about ports, which contains raw data. I would like to correlate the tail number or any other ID of the the plane
to the raw data I see coming from the plane. This is really for my entertainment or as a demo to others. In other words, look at the nearby plane numbers on the map, and then try to find the same numbers received from my rtl-sdr dongle on a port number.
Which port number would contain this info? I would go into terminal mode on the RPi, send a command involving the port number and view the same numbers.

I have since found binary data on port 30005, which can’t be read. So, my question has been answered. A couple of other ports near by are in hex, so ditto. So I’ll just watch the graphs and charts!

If I understand correctly you want to see the raw messages for a particular aircraft that you see on the map display?

You can connect to dump1090 on port 30003, this will produce one line per message that has interesting information, you can match those results to the map by the 6 digit ICAO value (“ICAO” column of the table)

$ nc localhost 30003 | grep A6300D

If you want to see all the message detail, and you’re running a recent dump1090-mutability, then you can do

$ view1090-mutabiility --show-only <6 digit ICAO value>

which is a debug mode that will give you far more detail than you need :wink:

$ view1090-mutability --show-only A6300D
CRC: 000000
RSSI: -46.0 dBFS
This is a synthetic MLAT message.
DF 17: ADS-B message.
  Capability     : 5 (Level 2+, airborne)
  ICAO Address   : a6300d
  Extended Squitter  Type: 19
  Extended Squitter  Sub : 1
  Extended Squitter  Name: Airborne Velocity
    EW status         : Valid
    EW velocity       : 142
    NS status         : Valid
    NS velocity       : -253
    Vertical status   : Valid
    Vertical rate src : 1
    Vertical rate     : 384

CRC: 000023
RSSI: -25.9 dBFS
Time: 239620642347.83us (phase: 240)
DF 11: All Call Reply.
  Capability  : 5 (Level 2+, airborne)
  ICAO Address: a6300d
  IID         : SI-19

CRC: a6300d
RSSI: -25.9 dBFS
Time: 239620945530.17us (phase: 120)
DF 4: Surveillance, Altitude Reply.
  Flight Status  : Normal, Airborne
  DR             : 0
  UM             : 0
  Altitude       : 30525 feet
  ICAO Address   : a6300d

CRC: a6300d
RSSI: -25.9 dBFS
Time: 239621247721.25us (phase: 180)
DF 4: Surveillance, Altitude Reply.
  Flight Status  : Normal, Airborne
  DR             : 0
  UM             : 0
  Altitude       : 30525 feet
  ICAO Address   : a6300d