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How do i see what planes my reciever is picking up

Hello, I recently used a pizero and a rtl-sdr to setup a receiver. When I go on my tracker on the web interface, it shows me how many aircraft I have picked up. How would I see the details of the aircraft, e.g flight number, location etc. Thank you.

dump1090-fa offers an aircraft list in JSON format, you can find it at URL


To get it into a database you will need a script that queries that file frequently, one example is this one which document the flights per day in a CSV file, this can be then used in MS Excel:

TomMuc1/Dump1090-Daily-Aircraft-Report: short script that reports daily aircrafts from dump1090 (github.com)

Have you looked at the Web page from your Pi? It’s called PiAware SkyAware. From your “My ADSB” page, click that link (in the “SITE INFORMATION” box near top; you will need to be on the network that connects to your Pi). It shows you a map of the planes your receiver is seeing, with links to details.