:( My FlightFeeder does not works


Sorry about my english…

I have a problem with my FlightFeeder, it never boot, i connect a HDMI monitor and i see a lot of letters and later the box reboot, the box show me a colors image and all again. (Letters, reboot, image, Letters, reboot, image).

What can i do??



Is this the boot screen you see when you power up the FlightFeeder?

raspians.com/Knowledgebase/p … up-issues/

We had some problems with the microSD card coming loose during transit. This might be the cause of the system not booting.

If you can unscrew the case and find the microSD card and push it back into the slot it hopefully should fix this problem.


The other problem might be the power supply is not able to supply enough power to the device.

We use 1.8A power supply even though the device only requires above 1A to run. The FlightFeeder can be powered by any cell phone type power supply as long as it can supply just over 1A.


Hi. I’m really sorry this has happened. All the boxes are tested before they are shipped. From your description it seems like the machine is constantly rebooting. The color image shows up right at boot time. The text that flies by is Linux telling us what it’s find and what it’s doing while it’s starting up.

Could you try to look and see what the last thing it says before it puts the colors back up? Maybe take a picture of it?

There is a way to reflash the SD card, although it’s a bit of a pain to get the card out and do that. If you’re willing and you have a USB-to-Micro-SD card adapter, then I think you can reflash the card. Otherwise we need to send you either a new card or a replacement unit.

Also we are going to do more “burn in” testing before we ship the units so that hopefully problems like this will be much less common.


Thanks for your answers, apparently the charger came broken, because it sounds like something is broken inside.

I use an iPad charger (2.1 amps) with a usb-micro usb cable and it worked fine.

Now another problem that is presented to me, the antenna wire is too short, I’ll buy another, which specifications should be ?? RG8, 50mhz, okay ?.

Thanks :slight_smile:


RG8 has twice the loss at 1090MHz then LMR-400. That being said I recommend that you only use LMR-400.


You can use flightfeeder@flightaware.com for support questions.

Send an email and we can get you the correct length of cable.