Multiple Pull Of Airline Schedules



I have a project i am working on where it pulls the airlines schedules information from flightaware. The problem i am having is the code is pulling multiple of the same flight number not just one for all of the flights. I have narrowed the problem down to this section of code as this is what is pulling the flight numbers the rest of the code is getting the other information based on the flight number.


$params = array("fleet" => $_POST'code'], "howMany"=>MAXRESULTS);

$result = $client->call("FleetScheduled", $params);

if ($client->fault)return false;

elseif ($client->getError())return false;

$flights = array();

foreach($result'FleetScheduledResult']'scheduled'] as $flight){

	$flights] = $flight'ident'];


Any help would be much appreciated!



Any given flight number will generally have multiple future flights scheduled (for the next city, or tomorrow’s flight), so seeing duplicated flight numbers is not necessarily indicative of any problem. Have you looked at the filed_departuretime of the returned rows for the same flight number to see whether or not they are actually duplicates?


Yes and the departure time is the same


Can you provide the contents of $result for one of these instances? Have you seen this with multiple carriers? I’ve tried a few airlines without seeing anything unusual.


It happens with every pull that we do


I need to see an example of what you’re seeing. I can’t easily see your request logs at this time.


Sure our code exports it as a CSV i can send you the CSV if you would like


I’d prefer to see the dump of the raw response from our server, in order to be certain that the issue is in our server’s response and not anywhere in your code.

Can you also provide some of the specific airlines that you are seeing this problem with?

Our activity log server is back online so I can search activity now, but I’m unable to find any FlightXML usage by your username ijacobson1. Are you using a different user account for your application?


Yes its with all airlines the username we are using is djrixton


Thanks for your help but we have decided not to do this at this time we are a soon to pen company and right now its just too much work to get it working.