Problem with my account?



There is something weird happing with me :exclamation: whenever I use a function with some parameters… it will work for few hours then it will stop returning results

I have used AirlineFlightSchedules

$params = array("startDate" => $currenttime ,"endDate" => $futuretime ,"origin"=>"","destination"=>"","airline" => "IAW","howMany" => "14","flightno"=>"","offset"=>"");

$result = $client->AirlineFlightSchedules($params);

And FleetScheduled

$params = array("fleet" => "IAW" ,"howMany" => "14", "offset"=>"");
$result = $client->FleetScheduled($params);

Both worked and fetched the information for “IAW” for few hours and then stopped

Now for both functions I just get this result

stdClass Object ( [FleetScheduledResult] => stdClass Object ( [next_offset] => -1 ) )

Any help will be so appreciated!