Multiple FA Flight ID's Assigned to Same Flight


Consider this example for SWA 1920 this morning… looks like an issue with mechanism for reconciling the FA Flight ID’s. Speedy resolution would be much appreciated.

Again, this is the same flight, but, you’ve assigned six different ID’s to it… there are many, many other such flights this morning.

  • SWA1920-1537248393-airline-0016
  • SWA1920-1537446676-adhoc-0
  • SWA1920-1537447321-adhoc-0
  • SWA1920-1537447694-adhoc-0
  • SWA1920-1537449247-adhoc-0
  • SWA1920-1537449595-adhoc-0


Hi, this is known and moving towards resolution. Status updates are available on the FlightAwareOps account.