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Moved mSD card from raspberry pi B to pi 2 : stats are down


I have Move the micro SD card from raspberry pi B to a pi 2 and my stats for flightaware are down.
Planefinder and fr24 are still fed and I can reach my dump muta 1.15 development Webpage that show planes.

What did I miss?

Best regards,
PS : I run latest update/upgrade and kernel already.

By changing the Pi, your MAC-address has changed (the unique address of your Ethernet adapter).

This is the hardware address that identifies your site. You have to register a new site, because of that, even you did not change the location.

There are also ways to fake your MAC-address, so that it looks like your new Pi has the address from the old one, but if you are not experienced, I would not suggest to do so.


You do need a better antenna or antenna placement - it looks like you have a maximum range of just over 50nm - it shouldn’t be difficult to get 3 or 4 times that wit even a simple antenna placed outside.

See ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/three-easy-diy-antennas-for-beginners-t20177.html

as for stats being down, it could be due to weather or relocation of antenna.

I keep same wifi adapter but this sounds rational as per flashing message on flightaware with a mac address

I got top notch FA antenna gain +6from Wifi expert on eBay and I am about to set the filter amp for +12 gain.

I moved to PI2 to use one usb to power the filter amp using one free port (consume 60ma).

I need to get a MINI usb cable tonight and I will reclaim the device.

I live in ground floor level in city… I know this is not optimised, but I train to move the setup in November to Eastern France where I expect more efficient capture.

EDIT: new device reclaim, but I wonder why I did not claim the device under wifi, I wouldn’t have this problem today.
I tried for a bit to spoof the mac address but I failed and rolled back. It makes like a new device, fresh start, with pre-amp filter, I am looking forward for improvements.

It’s the hardware MAC address of the Pi that is used, not the wifi or any secondary ones.

Just like I’ve said before, it’s the address of the ETHERNET-adapter!

This makes perfectely sense.

Who will identify a site by the MAC of a WIFI-dongle that can be changed all the time?

The RasPi ist the site, not the WIFI-dongle!


Thank, confirmed and resolved