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Move Skyaware chart centre?

Unlike in VRS I can’t move the chart in the position I want. Because my antenna is shielded by obstructions to the East I need to move the centre to the right so that I can zoom in tighter.

I am able to move the Skyaware chart by clicking on it and dragging. Up/down mouse wheel scroll (or +/- buttons) to zoom in or out.

Yep, you should be able to just drag the map to where you want it. The map positioning is saved locally in the browser so it should persist unless you clear site data.

Zoom works but dragging doesn’t

For those having problems with dragging, what OS / browser / browser version are you trying?

using Windows XP / Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112

What, seriously? (I know it’s April 1, but it’s after midday here :wink: )

Try a more recent chrome. Yes, this will require an OS upgrade.

(for completeness: XP stopped getting updates in 2014. Chrome 49 was released in 2016. I hate to think how many unpatched vulnerabilities there are on that system)