Move PiAware install SD to another RPi?

Morning all,

The “essentials kit” for my new Zero turned up last night - got the basic install of Raspian on, had a quick look at Minecraft instance (impressive) and tested streaming video off YouTube - again, impressive response for the size and capacity of the device.

I’m planning on moving PiAware from my RPi2 to my new Zero - freeing up the higher spec Rpi2 for something else.

I’m hoping (no doubt naively) to just simply swap the SD card from my RPi2 into the Zero and have PiAware work as before.

Couple of questions if I may:

  1. When the OS installs, does it install anything different (akin to drivers on a PC) based on the hardware it finds itself on - i.e would an install from an RPi2 have the “drivers” etc required for the Zero?

  2. Bearing in mind the SD from the RPi2 will have my current (working) credentials and set up for PiAware - will PiAware accept this, or does it use MAC etc - which will of course have changed?

Will have a quick try on this tonight and report back…


If you have both /boot/kernel.img and /boot/kernel7.img then it’s probably set up to work on both types of Pi.

piaware is likely to break if you have no eth0. Drop me a PM/email if that happens and I’ll see what we can work out.

Cheers Obj,

Good point re the Eth0 - afair that’s hard coded to expect a physical onboard network connection not just “the first network connection” via usb? (I’ll be using a wifi dongle).

I’ve ordered a couple of micro usb → Rj45+3 USB’s, but that’s coming from China, so I’ll expect delivery shortly after Doomsday… :wink:

Bearing in mind, even that will be accessing the Rj45 over USB, so I imagine the same issue may arise…

Currently, have a 4-port USB “spider” (usb hub with cables rather than “box”) - running a receiver for my keyboard / trackpad combo, plus a usb wifi dongle.

Power hasnt fallen over yet - but as you say, the real test will be if it can run the RTL dongle power.

Re the PiAware feeder creds - I take it this should be ok, and that it’s not checking MAC?

Forgive the “dumbness” of my comment re Eth0 finding a wireless dongle…

Thinking about it, Eth0 is the wired (ETHernet) connection - WLAN0 is the Wireles LAN. :blush: …

Posting here in case other “Linux Beginer” finds this useful…