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Just got RPi Zero 2 W and having wireless issue

Anyone have one working on PiAware?

Not seeing the device jump on my Wireless, tried my hidden IoT network and was thinking because it was hidden maybe some issues but just tried my regular non hidden ssid but still doesnt seem to be jumping on the wifi… which means i cant cli/ssh to this puppy and see whats going on, i gotta now find some dongles to hook this thing up and see whats going on with it. mini hdmi cable… ugh, not sure i have one

maybe you are trying to hook it up to 5Ghz Wi-Fi ? That might be the problem.
Maybe use the network on 2.4 Ghz ?

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Yeah, the one im connecting too is only 2.4, i could try the 5.8, thats another SSID i havent tried just it specifically, but the hidden and the non hidden one i tried are both 2.4