Mounted 2 Raspberry Pi's inside a 1U rack case

Has a little spare time on my hands and a 1U rack mount case. This is what I came up with. :smiley:

Great idea and nice work! :smiley:

Thanks Joe. It’s getting there. I have it running to see how it’s doing.

hmmm - raspberry pis biggest advantages are: small, silent, low cost and very low power consumption.
small and silent is gone now :slight_smile: - how about power consumption with all these fans and oversized power supply?

I’ll have to look again, but I think the power supply is around a 200 watt supply. So yes it’s using more power. I think it uses up to 3 amps. But it’s using less then a desktop computer. My Mac book using 1.5 amps input. Running 2 Pi’s are using a least 1 amp.

The power side of it donate really bother me to much. Because we have a heat pump with electric back up. So if anything is going to use power that will be it. lol.

Noise is not a problem in my case, because I have the case in my 19 inch rack that is closed into a little room. Are power rates is average or low to other areas around here. lol… Plus my wife pays the electric. I pay the mortgage :smiley:


p.s. you probably pay just a quarter what we have to pay for electricity over here in germany. but in compensation we have something you do not have - a totally braindead government …

I think we pay around 7 cents a Kw. The highest electric bill we got so far living here and the winter here can get pretty cold out was $194.00 for one month. Everything is electric in the house. It’s 28 degrees F outside right now.

happy you - happy usa :slight_smile: we pay around 28 euro-cent per kwh. additionally my house needs about 1,900 gallons heating oil per year (3,000-6,000 euro depends on actual oil price). for my next life i hope to be born as a us citizen!

wow… It’s sad what we pay for things. Somethings are not getting cheaper. :frowning:

The voltages are all different so directly comparing the current isn’t too useful; compare the power (wattage). A Pi runs at around 5W. A laptop might be 25W. A desktop will be >200W.

Most of that power ends up as waste heat, so put your PCs somewhere where you need the heating anyway :wink:

aaah - here are two raspberry pi + one radarcape mounted in 78U rack …

There are hosting services for Pi - I’m sure I’ve seen 8 or 16 Pi’s cable tied down to a 1U rack shelf

In that sort of scenario - there is no point in having the Pi’s in plastic cases; they just hinder air flow - just put them something to lift the circuit boards off the shelf (self adhesive feet, or even clips like these to hold the PI’s down).

Hopefully the rack would have sufficient air flow without needing anything special for the PIs

My Non-1U rack installation :smiley:
Antenna+rg6 coax+pigtail+dvb-t+rpi+dc adaptor+110v ac power socket, all in one place.

Computers are good heaters. Lol

Not only computer, human beings are also a source of heat. When calculating cooling requirement of a building, its heat load is calculated by considering following:
(1) Heat load due to solar radiation falling on wall & roof of building.
(2) Heat load due to heat passing from hot air outside to cold atmosphere inside by conduction through walls, roof, and window glasses.
(3) Heat load due to lights & other electrical appliances, and gas appliances if any.
(4) Heat load due to persons inside the building, generating heat by burning carbon of their blood sugar using oxygen from breathing air :smiley:.


abcd567, I guess I can understand, why your wife doesn’t like your antennas and your cables…

:laughing: :wink:


You are right. She is justified to dislike my adsb mess. :smiley:

Join the club, my wife it the same way. She says you messing with that dumb plane thing… lol

About 7 cents a KW here

and dont worry we have a very brain dead government.