Most popular destination


Do people travel to to the carribean, central America, and the U.S more than traveling to Asia or those countries?


Gut instinct says the Caribbean just because it’s closer and cheaper to get to.

You can try navigating the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to confirm my gut instinct.


what exactly are you looking for?

Are you looking for what types of routes have the most Passengers? What airports have the most passengers? What countries have the most passengers?


What countries have the most passengers


Do you walk to school or carry your lunch?


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: we went through this last year around project time, didn’t we?


Apparently, he rides a short bus!



What city are you starting from?

Basically, your popular destinations are from most cities:
Las Vegas
New York
Washington D.C.

Obvious cities, it would seem.




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man, you’re scaring me.


so are you saying the`U.S has the most visitors


The US has by far the most revenue passengers flown and revenue passenger miles flown. This does not mean “visitors”.

Other countries with a lot are China, Japan, Canada, and Germany.