Mooney Ovation3


Anyone know how the ovation 3 is performing or does anyone have n-numbers to ovation3’s out there (i know they delivered a few at oshkosh).


they do 196 knots at 8000 feet. Dont know any n numbers though


I believe Flying magazine did an article in the most recent issue, but I haven’t had a chance to read it.


If someone will dig up the aircraft type code, I’ll see if I can find any flights.


Can anybody read these (taken from Mooney aircraft website)

its the 2 planes in the bottom left corner


I can’t read them because I usually look at pictures. I can see a red one and a blue one.

Did you mean read the registration?


I found this article about the first Ovation3 owner, threw his company name into the FAA database, and found N414US, an M20R.


its n312tn thats on the cover of flying mag


cancel that thats the new acclaim


If I remember the article, the Acclaim is basically the Ovation 3. Granted, I was bouncing between reading that article and finishing my OSSAA football Ref test on a SWA flight (yes, I actually flew SWA, not by choice), so I may not remember 100%.


What is this … CDDD6D5713

Doesnt that clearly say Ovation 2 on the plane. Yet on controller it says it is an ov 3.


Nope. It clearly shows a fancy “3” on the aircraft.

By the way, the registration for N451US use to belong to a F28-1000 of USAir


Looks like a “2” to me, but i don’t have a calculator with me so who knows.


The wide shot still looks like a “3” to me but the closeup does look like a “2”. The “T” in “Ovation” threw me off.





Can we start random drug testing on this board? Starting with Dave!!!


Looks like a 3 to me!


I really hate it when (1) I’m caught at a mistake and (2) my boss is approaching me as I try to type something on Flightaware.

(1) is corrected - can’t do much about (2).


Ovation 2’s are known to get fairly close to the Vmarketing speed of 190 knots (within 2 knots).

Many Ovation owners get nearly 180 knots LOP, at about 12 GPH if they have the new Hartzell. That is really nice, and the CHT’s are really low at this setting as well. Speed - Efficiency - Comfort - Low Maintenance.

The O3 has been upped to 310 hp from 280 by changing the prop governor under an STC. This allows higher RPM’s than the older Mooney’s. I think that 195 is doable here, but I doubt many people will choose those settings unless they are REALLY in a hurry. The extra fuel for those last 10 to 15 knots is not a good trade, and I think it’s unneccessarily hard on the equipment. I would say that most owners will slow down once they reach altitude.

The Acclaim is not the same. The Acclaim takes the O2 and adds twin turbo’s and winglets ( I do not believe the O3 gets the winglets ). The Acclaim really should get a weight upgrade IMO, but I haven’t heard Mooney will do that.


Thats amazing.