ModesMixer2 for FA


Hoping some of the extensive expertise here will assist me in ‘tinkering’ with my FA feeds:
Due to local difficulties with mixing 2 antenna feeds into a single PiAware on RPi 2 I got a RPi 3 with a Pro+ stick being fed from an FA ADSB Antenna, my other feed uses a pro stick with a homebrew 8 element CoCo.
I have successfully set up FR24, Plane Plotter & VRS using the mixed feed from MM2 & would now like to combine my FA feeds without breaking or compromising anything.
can you advise which in & out args are needed for FA & MLAT & any mods needed for the FA configs?
Thanks all


Befor you proceed to feed FA by a mixed feed from 2 x (antennas+dongle), please be aware that when Flightaware servers notice this (by different timestamps), they DISABLE MLAT.


Thanks for the ‘heads-up’, I guess the only way to maximise my feeds is using 2 splitters ‘back-to-back’ to get both antennas to both dongles but I am concerned about the potential attenuation from that solution. I am situated with one face of the building facing Western Europe with a current range of 250m & the other exposed to LHR & LCY.


I believe that can combine the feeds.
You would need to designate one for MLAT and feed that normally.

The other would need to be fed using a protocol that does not provide timing.
AVR, port 30001, doesn’t provide timing information.
You could run beast-splitter on one device(assuming it is the MLAT device) and use it to get the data from the other device and feed it to itself but using AVR. I think Modes2mixer does something similar to beast-splitter.

I feed one Piaware with two UAT/978Mhz dongles using AVR on port 30001 without an issue.


Thanks for that, I’ll have to read up on Beast-Splitter, can you post the configuration you use for it?
Alternatively, I have a small diecast box, loads of panel mount ‘F’ connectors so if someone can advise on a interconnecting circuit for 2 dongles to connect to two antennas then that would be another option?