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Mode-S show on map -mlat with FA3.7.1?

I wonder with the function of the MLat… doesn’t most of the Mode-S plane, with 2-3 ads-b plane around it , will provide data to had the mode-s plane show up on the map view ?
This with the fa version 3.7.1 . I do see some plane with not big difference of altitude, but i don’t get any mode-s or mlat to show up on the map.
Thanks for hint.

Have you claimed your station?

You also need to configure your location and altitude exactly before MLAT will work once you have successfully claimed your station.

As i got issues to had it just seen locally, i don’t want to claim or send anything to the net. Is the Mlat only work with the internet database ? And cannot get locally from the pi ?

As on the location and altitude, it look to get a bug on the image of abcd and i can’t log in ssh to put the location somewhre… The script of jprochazka did ask all info, but only get the bug : AJAX call failed (error: Not Found)
on the mutuability and FA install.


If it’s working locally, just click the claim link.
(you can always claim a new station when you rewrite your sd-card or something. you can even configure the old id on the new sd-card)
Yes MLAT will only work in conjunction with other receivers who receive the same aircraft.

To receive multilateration results from FlightAware, you must feed data to FlightAware. You must also claim the site with FA and set the site location on the FA site stats page (this is necessary so that the FlightAware mlat server is aware of your location). Once this is all done, you will receive mlat results locally.