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Mode-S Positions

My Mode-S aircraft count is similar to stations next to me in the ranking. How is it that one usr has 3 times the position counts and another has 30 times the position counts for the same number of aircraft.

Is this a setting in PiAware or a quality issue with the antenna or some other reason

Should I care about this stat ? If I should how would I go about improving it?

Thank you in advance

different hardware most likely

If it’s not changed high numbers of ModeS “positions” usually indicate that you are receiving noise.

Also it’s incorrect to call that counter positions if i’m not mistaken about how it works.
It’s been discussed, no change has been made as far as i know.

Result of the discussions: The ranking is somewhat useless, the “other positions” are completely useless to include in the ranking.

thank you as ever

my skyview table does not display the RSSI value is an easy config setting to choose the columns dislapyed? please post newbie proof instructions

thank you for the great graphs they provide brilliant info otherwise not visible

Install and use tar1090, it displays RSSI.

You could further customize the columns shown, but that’s not noob proof.
If you want to check, look at the config.js mentioned in the readme on the page above.